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Besides, men are not - and never should be - on stand-by for when a broody woman calls. It's also a basic human right to make your own decisions on parenthood.

If we switched the genders in Kite's story and had a man saying 'Women are selfish because they won't give me the child I deserve' there'd be uproar. I felt a shameful urge to tell her to secretly stop taking the Pill.'But this is raping a man's choice and must never be accepted. Particularly as it happens all the time - which is precisely why the culture of having children needs to be less about women and more about both parents.

In her article, she makes several references to former boyfriends who made the responsible decision not to become fathers half-heartedly - then scolds them for being 'cowardly'.

Here's a woman who assumes that a man's sperm - his lineage, his DNA, his family - is somehow hers for the taking. In Asia there's a new tendency for men to go their own way - otherwise known as MGTOW - with thousands shunning marriage and kids for a life of independence and control, which no family court can destroy.

These motions to compel as they are sometimes called alert the court of your spouse’s lack of cooperation and ask the court to make orders consistent with California liberal discovery laws.

California law also gives the court the discretion to monetarily sanction the unreasonable spouse for the attorneys fees and costs of the spouse who was forced to bring a motion to compel.

There’s a right way and a very wrong way to respond to such bullying tactics.

The wrong way and unfortunately the typical way by many spouses is to respond in kind, especially in – meet unreasonable and aggressive behavior with unreasonable and aggressive behavior.

It comes in many forms and includes unlawful deductions from support that were not court ordered. Hiding income and assets: Narcissistic spouses sometimes feel as though they money they have made during the marriage is theirs and everything that has come from it should be their separate property. defines what is and is not community property and separate property but try to explain that to a spouse like this…it may be futile. All of these tactics are designed to cause the maximum amount of stress and attorney fees so that the lesser earning spouse eventually gives in and takes less than what he or she may be entitled to from the community estate.

Just days after champagne socialist Diane Abbott claimed that modern masculinity is Viagra-chomping, whiskey-swigging homophobia - even for the millions of men who are gay - Kite jumped on the bandwagon with her own sweeping statements.

In a finger-pointing, foot-stamping article for Mail Online she said men 'do not always play fair in matters of fertility', adding that they 'increasingly behave with terrible selfishness when it comes to giving up their bachelor lifestyles'.

But, instead of making a balanced, rational point, Kite's comments simply revealed a sad, out-dated philosophy in contemporary gender relations.

Namely, that a woman's desire to have a child is greater than a man's desire not to.


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